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A generational opportunity in energy tech

Ascent Energy brandmark

Ascent Energy Ventures invests in the digital transformation of the energy industry. We seek the next generation of innovative leaders applying digital tools to today’s energy challenges.

The largest industry in the world is energy. The least digitally advanced industry is energy. The biggest problems before us are energy.

Sustainability requires digital strategies. Producing more with less requires digital strategies. Energy transition requires digital strategies.  

The future of energy is digital.

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5 Year Expected Revenue Growth to Digital Energy Companies
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5 year Expected Value Creation in Digital Energy
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Annual spend requirement to reach net zero by 2050
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Of Oil & Gas companies describe themselves as a “digital Laggard”
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Of Oil & Gas companies plan to invest more in digital technologies
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Increase in Venture capital funding to climate tech 2013-19

our team

David Forsberg, CFA
Managing Partner

David founded Ascent Energy Ventures to execute upon the generational opportunity in energy technology and to support innovative founders solving today’s energy problems.

Jim Newell, CPA

Jim has over 20 years of energy technology venture investment experience. He is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Houston Ventures.

Steve Enger

Steve has 40 years of experience in the investment and energy sector.

CHris lang

Chris brings over 30 years of energy industry experience to the Ascent Energy Ventures team as a thought leader focused on advisory, sales and trading, business development and early stage investing.

Michael Tsokur

Managing Director at Boundless Capital Partners- a leading investment bank focused on energy transition, infrastructure, and technology.

David McClellan

Dave is the founder of Ridgway Strategic Consultants, an advisory firm that works with emerging OFS technologies seeking to establish and execute a strategy for growth in the US market.

Joe McConaty

Joe has been working in the financial services space for nearly twenty years.
It is truly important that energy companies realize the promise of digital innovation at scale, on a global basis. It matters to the world: over the next two to three decades, more than five billion people across the developing world will seek a path out of poverty.

Unlocking the magnitude of energy resources required to improve their lives, in a way that does not choke the environment, cannot be done without the power of digital to improve efficiency and manage complexity.
McKinsey & Company
Digital Transformation in Energy: Achieving Escape Velocity
We invest in energy tech solutions that improve data gathering, standardize data forms, bridge information silos, automate processes, to improve operations and reduce system inefficiencies.

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